3- Cheese Tomato Pizza Bagel

3-Cheese Tomato Pizza Bagel

Plain bagel – 1 bagel (substitute with mini pita as an option)

Tomato garlic chutney – 3 Tbsp

Grate any 3 cheese mix – 3 Tbsp



  1. Slice bagel into half rings
  2. Spread the tomato chutney on each half of the rings
  3. Sprinkle the cheese equally over each half
  4. Bake the bagel pizza in the preheated oven of 400ºF for 10 to 15 minutes or until cheese is melted & light golden brown

Note:  Quick snack, top with chopped parsley or bake with pepperoni as an option. For a crispier base, lightly toast bagel half before spreading tomato garlic chutney

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